"The Dutch reissue label Jamaican Art Records released a few albums in the 1990s. Now they’re back on the scene, starting re-releasing reggae classics in a good quality sound and presented in their original sleeves and artwork. The first effort is the above mentioned De Blinkin’ Bus. The pressing and the sleeve are flawless, and for those who never heard of Lovindeer, there is no better introduction than this set"
--Reggae Vibes--

"Beautifully presented reissue of this 1982 Lovindeer album, with its stunning Limonious inspiring cover art.  Scoring big hits in Jamaica during the eighties and nineties with tracks such as Man Shortage, Boops and Wild Gilbert, Lovindeer's music is an update of the styles of entertainers such as Ernie Smith and Pluto Shervington. His themes, often slack, always humorous, and always pointedly colloquial on subjects familiar to the ordinary people of Jamaica"
--Dub Vendor--

The first release after the re-launch of our label.
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Power Cut
De Blinkin' Bus
Free The Marijuana
Grow The Ganja
Man Shortage
Me A Follow Dollar
Teef - Chinaman A Trouble Me Beef
Girls In Jeans
After 41 years and through much positive energy and efforts, we are proud to present 'Open The Gate Of Zion' Besides all ten songs, carefully transferred from the original two-track master tapes, it also has new art-work/front cover, a gatefold sleeve and a bonustrack. The beautiful 'Rastaman Song' was previously released only on a limited run of a 12-inch record (GG-label, Jamaica, 1980). The special disco-mix that appears here is never issued on vinyl before. It's a comforting thought that we still can enjoy the music of a true Jamaican hero, mr. Leonard 'The Ethiopian' Dillon.

Track listing:

De Blinkin' Bus by Lovindeer. Originally released in 1982 on the TSOJ label. Now re-mastered and polished for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!



Track listing:


The Gate Of Zion
I'm Gonna Take It Over
Africa Now
Wicked Is Down On Me
See Me Go Free
Rastaman Song (bonus track)

To be released january 2020.

Artwork. Klik to open the album artwork


Artwork. Klik to open the album artwork.

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